About Me

Whether you're reading your favorite book, watching an intense movie, or just sitting by the windowsill watching the rain fall, relaxation can be molded into all shapes and sizes. Candles put you into a euphoria that makes you feel like you've been immersed into your own imagination.

Hello! My name is Rosalie, but everyone calls me "Rose".  I began this journey of candle making as a hobby during a time where I needed something other than reading to calm me. My day job got really hectic, and I needed something to clear my headspace, and candles became that love I was looking for. I fell in love with the operation, experimenting with different fragrances, testing different jars and wicks, but most importantly, the aesthetics. The simple look of my candles accompanied by a multitude of fragrances, mixed and matched to create the perfect candle for you. That's the BrownFlower way.

A Passion,

BrownFlower Scents