Scent Descriptions

Bajan Coconut – This scent has a year-round appeal. The sweetness of coconut complimented with hint of pineapple and vanilla topped off with a woody smell of bamboo.

Childhood MemoryThis candle will have you reminiscing on your childhood memories, sitting watching cartoons with a bowl of your favorite cereal fruit loops. Notes of sweet orange, ripe cherries, sandalwood and vanilla.

Crashing Waves - Close your eyes, experience the embrace of land and sea through our fragrance blend of beach-inspired elements like sage, eucalyptus, and teakwood. Notes of sea salt, orange peel,
and green grass and patchouli.

Citronella – On the outdoors sitting by the fire, is a citronella candle keeping you safe from the mosquitos and the bugs of the outdoors. notes of lemon peel and citrus to the lemon grass heart. 

Citrus Bliss - Ignite this candle and be transported to a carefree vacation, where you're indulging in tropical juice. It's infused with the zest of orange peel, the sweetness of mango, and the tang of grapefruit.

Eucalyptus & Spearmint - Fresh mint scent with notes of mint, eucalyptus and musk.

Gingersnap - A scent that offers a refreshing and beautifully spiced aroma, tantalizing enough to make your mouth water. It features notes of satsuma mandarin, freshly-picked ginger, patchouli, musk, and vanilla.

Here Comes Spring - A stunning floral fragrance that captures the essence of the season. It features notes of fresh green florals, delicate lilac, and a hint of musk.

High Top - is crafted with cannabis flower oil and adorned with hemp leaves. It features a floral fragrance with subtle earthy undertones of hemp, complemented by the warmth of musk and cedar.

Honey I'm Home – A clean crisp floral scent, with the right amount of softness and warmth with tops notes of honeysuckle and jasmine.

In The Woods - The perfect masculine scent that gives date night vibes. Filled with cedarwood, oak, citrus clove, sandalwood with lingering tones of sweet musk intertwine with golden amber.

Island Oasis - Travel to an island and walk along the gardens while your senses heighten with a nice fruity floral scent of green apples, orange and peaches. 

Lavender Chamomile- soothing calming scent of fresh lavender petals combining with a hint of chamomile.

Lilac Breeze – Lying in bed of lavender bushes taking in a sweet floral scent mixed with a hint of eucalyptus, honeydew melon, lavender, and sage.

Pacific Sunset - If you're a fan of mangoes, this fragrance will captivate you. It's a rich and potent blend, teeming with the finest fusion of fruits and flowers. The scent features top notes of coconut and peach.

Passion - an enticing fusion of sweet and tangy, featuring a medley of fruit flavors including grapefruit, pineapple, passionfruit, mango, and lemongrass.

Pineapple Slushie - a tantalizing concoction that's both sweet and herbaceous. This candle combines the scents of pineapple, coconut cream, musk, sugared citrus, and a hint of cilantro.

Pom Shell - this is a gorgeous candle made from refreshing pomegranate fruit filled with herbal florals, lemon peel, grapefruit.

Sweet Angel – Open your senses to a mixed tropical drink to revitalize your taste buds. It is a tropical mix of mandarin, coconut, papaya, and guava, honeysuckle, jasmine and rose.

Sweet P – This aromatic scent is amazing if you love the smell of the rich outdoors. It’s a flower filled scent that includes cherry blossom, magnolia and peony.

Strawberry Patch - This candle is the perfect representation of fruit scents with strawberry and guava top notes blended with passionfruit for a sweet, tropical blast. 

Sweet Oak – Being under a blanket on a cold stormy night reading a book taking in the scents of warm vanilla oak and sandalwood.

Tangi Peach- This fruity blend of sweet elements smells like a refreshing peach, tangerine, and mango smoothie. Notes of tangerine, peach, mango,and passionfruit and sandalwood.

Tipsy Pear – A nice cocktail at the bar, hanging out after a long week of work, need I say more. Experience the notes of ripe pear, cinnamon, apple, clove and cask aged brandy.

Tropical Flava – The name says it all, this tropical scent will have you itching for a chilled piña colada with creamy coconut milk and mango blend with a hint of pineapple, orange, and peach.

Xquisite Rose – Envision entering a garden brimming with roses, intertwined with wild cypress, carnations, and lilies. This bouquet of scents offers hints of lily of the valley, powder, and a blend of oud, amber, and frankincense.